Begin the new year promoting a new look


Now with the start of the New Year it is time to renew, to make changes in our lives and in our image, suggest a new look for your customers that is favorable and that helps them look and feel triumphant for the new challenges about to start…

It’s not common to arrive to the salon asking for a makeover, and much less see banners or promos encouraging the client to do so, now that the new year is about to start it’s the time to include it. Most people are afraid to make radical changes in their appearance, some for fear that they may receive bad comments, to others however, the unknown is reason enough not to undergo even a change of hairstyle.

 There are many changes at the personal and professional level that this can bring, and you can mention it to reaffirm that the decision being taken is a good one, for example; you feel more energized, a total motivation, your self-esteem rises, thoughts become positive and you present yourself in a more secure manner.

 Take this advice into account and dare to promote it…


 Design an attractive banner to promote this service, consider the costs of January, so come up with packaging deals such as: bring your friend and pay only 50%, or perhaps identify low-business days and offer a special price.

Another very effective way is photographs, capture the before and after results not only for them but for the undecided customers, who will be able to see that true change can be achieved, it’s a good idea to keep a printed or computer catalog of them.


If you feel it a little harder to encourage them at the start, identify who your most daring customers are, those who won’t bat an eye at a color change or an extreme cut, once you know who they are suggest the option to them, this way once you start with them you will spark the interest or curiosity of everyone else. Keep in mind that your first customers will be word-of-mouth, if you manage for them to walk out completely satisfied and happy with their look they will not hesitate to recommend your service.


Speaking of makeovers, the world of entertainment is a driving engine for a lot of people, if you think hard enough you will remember at least a client who asks for the haircut of some artist, or the color tone of another, for them and others you have in mind focus on investigating how their famous role models begin the year, this way you can suggest and they will have a clearer idea of how it’ll look, this investigation will also help you to not get caught by surprise if a new idea is brought up.

Don’t forget that each person is different and there can be someone wishing for a change without it being the complete opposite of how they look now, so talk and resolve your clients’ doubts in order to reach the best decision together.


Make a list of your inventory, it’s important to have everything you need in terms of products, check what you have and verify it’s enough, and whatever you’re missing order to your provider immediately. It would be very unfortunate for a client to be encouraged in one moment and you had to postpone it due to lack of material… he might regret the decision later and your sale will be lost.


Try to keep track of all your customers, ask how they feel, their relatives reactions and most important, if they are satisfied and comfortable. This will help you identify and correct your way if anyone isn’t happy with the service so that it doesn’t turn into a bad reference, plus by interacting more with them they will start to trust you to give them advice about ideal products for maintaining their new look, increasing your sales.

Some say to convince yourself and recommend something you always have to try it, so I recommend you greet and surprise your clients with a new look that is spectacular and reflects the security they need to live a different experience.

By Maritza Zavala