Are you ready for vacations? Easter is coming and your clients will need more of your services, so I ask you, are you ready to make money?



By: Maritza Zavala

For some businesses the Easter Holidays are low season, to say extremely low, but for a beauty salon is one of the seasons in that if you pay attention and work intelligently and creatively you can achieve a full schedule.

Weeks before the holidays is normal that the comments from your clients are only about the trip they already have planned to take a break, surely you realize that most are looking to the beach and want to look perfect, but perhaps they haven´t  think about of a good treatment to nourish their hair, or a pedicure to show off some beautiful feet on the beach, or a kit of moisturizing shampoo and hair conditioner, remember that extreme heat can dry it; in short, there are many things that you as a consultant can recommend and obviously get a good selling season.

Follow these steps and help your clients be prepared to the best for their vacations.

1. To start you should make a list of everything you can possibly need, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, consider that often mere lip moisturizer can be a representative hit in your monthly sales.

2. Check your product inventory, review on based on the list you did, should not be missing anything because it looks really bad you're providing information about a product that you cannot show, or worse not able to sell at the moment the customer wants.

3. Find to recommend your areas to make more visible the products and if space allows it, you can print some cards detailing some attractive benefits, for example: "Take care of your hair from the sun, keep the moisture and prevent damages caused by sun exposure with this special shampoo" and in a simple way your customers can be attracted and relate that if they go to the beach this shampoo is ideal.

4. You can build some packages and include them to look attractive to your costumers´ trip, for example, sandals, sunglasses, a small bag, etc., believe that will cause much interest. As an advice, board two or three packages and see how they will react, if you think is convenient you can do the orders, as they make a deposit.

5.-Include a seasonal manicure and pedicure with special price, keep visible ideals tones to the beach; pink, coral, blue, red, etc.

6. Take care of the presentation of products and services, it should be showy, for example, an idea for products could be some flashy tie bar, decorate allusion to the beach the exhibitor area, and for the services attend to a printing center and ask for a special design that is different.

After doing this, hurry up and start to promote them, there are clients who can be very distracted and perhaps they haven´t thought of everything they need for their trip, or have not reviewed that they can find everything they need for their beauty in your salon. You can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any suggestions or comments.