CELEBRATION AND PROMOTION ... the perfect combination.

Valentine's Day is approaching and it´s time to create some dynamics that besides keeping your clients funny increase your sales ...


By: Maritza Zavala

After clearing the slope of January, February 14th is for most salons a main date on which the work is increased, and is that all your customers will want to surprise or look beautiful to celebrate this special romance date.

If you want to raise your sales both your services and products, the basis of all is to get a great interest to attract as many potential customers, marketing strategies are not fought with the idea of fun; I assure you that if you can do something different all your clients will remember it and be enchanted.

First of all you must define which services you would like more widespread, seeks the most sought to be more attractive, define whether the winner will receive a gift of 100% or if it's just a discount, for example: the winner can get 30% off on a shampoo and conditioner kit, 15% off on lights or if they buy a hair straightening they get a treatment kit of makeup and hairstyle to 50%, etc. Once defined, choose some of these ideas, or let to your imagination and create your own dynamic.

SELFIE OF LOVE: These dynamics are the most requested, can be made by facebook or in your beauty salon. The dynamic is about that your customers share the most romantic picture with their partner, and the photography with more “likes” wins.

LOVING NAMES: Days before of San Valentine put a chalkboard in front of your salon´s reception and invite to write the cheesy nickname they have said to their partner, on the day of celebration to all clients attending ask them to vote for the most original.

BINGO: A fun way is to organize a bingo in your salon one day before the celebration, clients are entitled to a letter to buy a service, and the winner can redeem their award on the day of the celebration.

CHOOSE YOUR HEART: If you like crafts cut several hearts, write on the back one or two awards that are very attractive, attached with tape all, so when your clients buy some products, they have the chance to unclog a heart and see if they are the happy winners.

ALL INCLUSIVE´S RAFFLE: Something very attractive you can do it´s a raffle that week with several all inclusive packages for a low cost, for example: hair dye + hairstyle + make up, this would be perfect for your clients go straight from the salon ready to conquer their partner.

The idea is that this day you promote your services differently, invite your clients to have a fun day while you make them look beautiful, creating an atmosphere of joy and comfort remain good impression of your salon. For suggestions write to me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.