BASIC GUIDE 2015 ... Start the year with all attitude

You just close the year and overwork, fatigue and stress can affect you and your team. Say goodbye to monotony and begin in January with all attitude and motivation to keep doing what you love, a beauty professional!

By: Maritza Zavala

When you have a business, much of your time you spend it there, you close off hours serving customers or supersaturate the agenda as much as possible to increase your sales, and while it's true when they say you have to be fond and devote our best if we want to grow and position it, sometimes we stop thinking of the other party involved in the smooth running of the business, in this case, your work team, it may be that they are tired, bored, with a negative attitude or worse, working with monotony!

The worse allied in every aspect of our lives is the "monotony" is the poison of all, if it ends with love even more so it can end up with a job, not always invades this negative attitude, but in these difficult "seasons" like this to start a new year and adding the slope of January, it´s the time to make small changes to get everyone working motivated and positive.


Note that if you don’t put any remedy on time, it can be harmful to your business, the attitude is vital when attending a client, to explain better exist the 3 Way Rule, a client comes to your salon looking for 3 things; excellent care at first, what does it imply?, "a cordial greeting, a smile, paying close attention to her talk, briefly, be a kind of confidant", second, waiting the right solution to the problem, in what way? , "offering varied options for her to choose one, explaining in detail what will make her look more beautiful and provide recommendations for aftercare", and thirdly, to close with a flourish the satisfaction, what I mean ?, "want to go out with a big smile, thank you for having come; a professional, and the best, presume that she looks great ". Now imagine if someone on your team with a little attitude attends that customer, I assure you that things would not go well at all.

Don´t worry, it's easy to identify who start working discouraged, most obviously, if they don´t smile, they spend yawning, asking for relief or disposing work, makes little talk, when you request them something and they don´t answer and you have to ask a second time, etc. As a recommendation pay attention in a review to identify whether this change is due to a family issue or work issue, this will help you to define what action to take.


Although there are several ideas to change the attitude of your team, here I am providing some that I have worked wonderfully, choose one and see how it works.

CHOOSE YOUR FREE DAY.- Surprise them commenting that this time they can choose the day they want to rest, provided it when is coordinated to not affect the operation of the salon, or if there is little work and want to surprise them even more, make them the gift of one extra day to rest.

NEW EXPERIENCES.- Search to introduce new equipment, especially those they have suggested throughout the year, new services or products, new work clothes when using a whisk or polo shirt, everything is new cause them great interest and the challenges begin

BONUS.-A bonus is very attractive, you can handle one of money that encourages their productivity, it can be focused to the winner to receive at the end of the month, and to make it more interesting make the same customers vote for the best attention.

TRENDS AND WORKSHOPS.-This is double benefit not only give them the opportunity to expand their knowledge, but depending on the course will be one or more days out of the salon, they will be cleared of all and although you can build a little work you assure their return with batteries recharged.

ACTIVITIES AFTER WORK.-This also works well outside the salon, from hang out to eat all together until go to the movies.

FLEXIBLES HOURS.- You can modify some schedules to change the routine, as a suggestion, discuss it before doing it, so they won´t take it wrong and listen to their suggestions, for example, some of them can come a little later "x" day so they don´t have a heavy work overtime.

If for some reason after implementing this you note that the results are not satisfactory with some, do not be discouraged, but sometimes it is not easy to say goodbye to the people we live with every day, keep in mind that everything has a cycle and perhaps it is time for your salon to introduce new talents, all changes are good!

The basis of all communication is always to find a team work to run as fast, because if all goes well not only the work is done in an easier way, but the rewards will be the success that you want for your salon. Thanks to our reader who suggested this important issue, and if you have any questions or comments please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.