SPRING 2015 ... New trends causing furor


Always look to keep up with new trends in beauty, show how professional you are and start the year promoting the latest fashion in your salon…

By: Maritza Zavala

Working in the world of beauty you have to stay always updated to provide the best advice to your costumers, and thus the result of your work will be always cutting edge; remember that advertising by word of mouth can help you or destroy you. One of the big questions when starting a new year is certainly what new trends will mark this season. This beginning is for the vast majority of your customers the ideal moment to be surprised with a spectacular makeup, also you propose them new ideas for hairstyles with more style and explain to them the new trends in hair color, so they can get out happy of your salon looking the most "in".


You know that makeup is very important, this season for lips brings the most vibrant tones, using all ranges of roses and their variants, either the color that will go well in your client, do not forget to give the finally touch, apply a good amount of gloss to look attractive.

And now, for the eye´s makeup, is moment for a eyes well marked or defined, this trend for years was called "Snake eyes", since it is the proper application of three contrasting shades shadows. The idea is to apply from the tear a bright and clear tone, continue with a more intermediate shadow and end protruding into the eyelid with a darker tone. Don’t forget to mark the eyeliner well and give a feline shape to make it look very feminine, all blends tone are valid, for example, for an evening look you can use a light blue, silver and dark blue, or navy, turquoise and green, and for a more youthful look pearly white color, violet and purple, or yellow, orange and bronze. As a tip use a well marked blush in pink and peaches tones, besides try your clients consider keeping well defined and stylized their eyebrows for this effect to look perfect.


Talking about hairstyles, many of your customers will love to know and be able to wear something new, still remains a taste for braids just giving an opposite spin, now a chic look will be to wear them more in a versatile way; woven into inverse, leaning, frontal, etc. Now the frizz is given the opportunity to create something innovative, pigtails tipped with frizz can be ideal for clients who want something simple but very fashionable. Will predominate abundant manes, undulating and with great volume, take strength the most basic hairstyle, those carrying bulky top much like a rock style, whether the customer prefers to wear it loose or hair tied. For those who want to continue to maintain the taste for fringe bangs aside will be a fashionable style.

Surely some of your clients seek a change of color for their hair, and you can suggest to those who don´t dare to radical changes variations in the same tone color, for example, a brown hair to a platinum blonde hair and for those seeking something more shocking, the best option are the hair highlights contrast better known as "Splashlight", the aim of this look is to make by mixing two shades: dark one at the top and so cross one light at the bottom to achieve a very striking look with style.


The complement for a perfect look of beauty are the nails, you can promote new shades: pink, blue, orange, coral, yellow, etc., can all the same tone or mixtures with dark or light colors pearly. Sometimes your customers overlooked the idea of keeping their nails updated, but let them notice that this little detail is part of their good presentation and image.

Search pictures on the web to get served basis to explain these new trends, for example, you can run into clients who don´t understand the idea of “Splashlight or Tricolor makeup”, in this way you will ensure that the examples are encouraged and they will be calm waiting for good results. Remember that most of the success of your services it´s about the security you show when serving your customers, so the importance of being up to date on the most current, thus no one will take you by surprise. For suggestions you can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.