5 IDEAS to position your salon through your customers

The most effective form of     publicity is mouth to mouth    recommendations. Having a customer give out a good review to her list of friends might sound easy, but  how can you get your customers to this?

We know that paid advertisement is a coin toss in the air, it can take its time or it can work right away. The most frustrating thing is that we usually expect to see immediate results, only to realize it takes longer than that. Surely you have realized that referral customers come to you convinced that your services are 100% excellent, they don’t hesitate about price and go home completely satisfied. Well that’s the amaizing effect of mouth to mouth advertising. In order to enlist your customers to help you get new ones in a very simple way , i have 5 useful tips for you: 

1. Chain Effect

Try to receive every customer as an old aquaintance, make them feel important, even if they are there just for a simple cut, speak to them by name, give them time to list their doubts and try to satisfy them. Even if this sounds so simple to you this has an incredible power, I can tell you that every time I receive a  referral customer, they mention we are known for the excellent treatment and attention they would receive.

2.VIP Client Promotions

Inbetween all the promotions and discounts you manage, make one for your most frecuent clients; you can do this two ways: the first offering a discount for each service you consider more attractive and when they acquire them you make a sale and also the possibility to spark some interest among their friends. A second option would be to offer a promotion for them and a friend, sort of a 2x1 , that way you make a sale and a new customer.

3. Social Networking

Social networks are hight impact tools, ask permission to the customer to post their picture or better yet , get her to publish the picture talking about how greatly satisfied she was with the service, obviously here you will have customers that will say yes and others that will say no. You can encourage them by giving them something with no cost to you, such as a 50% discount on their next service.

4. Services Breakdown

Not every customer is the same , you will bump into customers saying “I had no clue you had that service”. You must reinforce each and every one of your services, maybe she will not be in need of a bridal service but she will keep it in mind and bring it up when a friend needs it.

5. Extra Help

Every time you help someone, you create a memory they will not forget. It is not about giving away your work, it’s simply offering some sort of extra plus. Let’s say if your customer goes to get a haircut and during small talk she tells you she is going to an event or party, fix her hair simply by straightening it , you will see how happy she will be and will not hesitate to speak wonders of your hair salon and your services. Like you see these are simple things that if you look into and improve, they will bring you many benefits, and the best part is that they don’t require a big investment just your own creativity and dedication to the end customer. If you have any suggestionr or comment you can write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.