Winter Beauty: Trends 2015

It is time for a redesign with the new colors brought by the Winter season, new proposals ready to be put in practice.

When a season starts, we are filled with curiosity, we like to research throught the web and magazines; analyze the looks worn by certain celebrities, visualizing how it would look on us and in the end we go with a profesional stylist to achieve these ideas. If you have been with your salon for long, surely you know that customers will immediately go in search of a fresher more modern look. It is necessary that you have all this information present so you could be ready to aid your customers and create your own designs.


The highlights for this season is an eyeshadow color palette for a casual make-up are nude, in brown and terracotta tones but if your client is planning on going to a special event, a metallic look will give a more shocking effect, from the traditional gold to gray, green, blue and graphite tones. Even though the eyeliner is still very important, you could avoid it if you go for a smokey eyeshadow effect. A bronze or pink blush is a good final touch to the makeup and for the lips a more intense color. You could also suggest the contrary effect, like a complete nude makeup, trying a soft shadow, thick eyeliner and gloss on the lips.


This season our suggested colors are red, mahogany, chesnut and even black: as long as it is shiny and it goes well with your customers features, not making her look older. Longer hair is back along side with volumen and curls. Since the heat is long gone, this season is up for more loose hairstyles from semi-updos, loose braids or just wavy hair.


Recently, the nails have become the stars on women’s look that like to stay     fashion forward with the latest trends, now it’s time to change for more metallic looks like silver and golden or even baby blue, purple or pink.

Don’t forget to checkout or board on called “Winter Beauty” where you will find the mood board to explain these trends. So get ready for this new season, check your stocks and get everything you need in order to satisfy your customers necessities. Create your own looks and trends based on these suggestions and remember that in the end it’s your own talent that will determine what products and tools you should use. Send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.