¿January Slump? ¡ Forget about it!



December is the month known for its parties, work, and get-togethers; but why not also for being the perfect moment to get ready for the January Slump.

I love this time of the year, everyone is wrapped up in some kind of bubble in between the parties with the family, the gifts, work bonus, gift exchanges, etc.; everyone is willing to invest the necessary time to enjoy this season, and this is the perfect moment to increase your work rhythm. My advice is not to leave aside the idea of a party, verify which days you have more possibilities of organizing little get-togethers with your staff and customers, and of course try to make it impromptu, because this way your customers won’t have time to back down. Besides this type of unexpected events tend to create more impact. Create certain promotions that are only valid during the month of January, they have to be amazing discounts and gifts, that you haven’t offered before. Analyze which services are drawing less attention to your customers and are not generating that much cost to you, and include them in your offerings as a plus. You can offer a discounted price if they schedule an appointment, and pay for it, with at least 1 month in advance.

This way it becomes so much more attractive because you guarantee a discount or a gift, and you have also ensured a sell. When your organize gatherings, don’t hesitate in raffling one or two gift certificates between your customers at the salon that day, decide on a few prizes that can hook your customers up to come back some other day and even request an additional service, for example “eyebrows design”, even though this might sound simple and has no real cost to you, when in the salon your client may want a haircut or a touch up to their roots. Fight that great fear everybody experiences as the new year starts; a good strategy is to promote the fact that you intend to keep the same rates only during the month of January so they can enjoy the same services at the same price. To finish, prepare a few gifts with thank you notes to make your customers feel special and you can even include a special discount coupon.