Holiday Trends 2015


 If talking about beauty, you are the expert and this season is ideal because everyone wants to look gorgeous for the holiday parties or hope to receive the new year with a new look.


The winter brings us cold colors, so to create an impact in your lips use a color such as brown, intense reds, nudes that would be in high demand, and of course considering the personality of your customers and their skin tone. An effect that will prevail this season is gradient lips starting with higher intensity at the center and softer at the corners. For the eyeshadows the browns and the metallic tones are on trend, remember that the eyeliner is basic to create depth in 

the eyes, which helps make them look bigger. Your creativity is the most important thing to create different combinations, and everything you think possible. Blush in a peach or bronze tone is the final touch to accentuate the features of your client’s face, it’s possible you will find some people that are not as keen to use it, so for them you can go with a softer pink color. For haircolor matters it’s convenient to start working with color changes, promoting 

reds and chestnuts. Bangs are also back for this season, you can add them according to the shape of your customer’s face, and offer them the style that makes them look younger. Since the hot months are far gone the hair goes down in soft curls, passing the shoulders and with a lot of movement. Don’t forget to offer manicure services with the new color trends, such as pink, purple, blue that can be matte or metallic with a touch of sparkle.

Sometimes customers might not have that much time for their hands but you can offer the service while they are working the hair, etc. Since most of them don’t see this as a necessity it’s up to you to change their mind, they will certainly appreciate it. Always remember that this is nothing but a simple introduction guide. Once it’s time to apply this, it is up to you and your customer’s needs and don’t hesitate to offer what’s trending and what is best for their features, this way they can receive this chilly season feeling their best. Check our pinboard in: called “Holidays 2015” where you will find photos that can help you to explain these new trends.