Marketing for your Beauty Salon

Sales, sales and more sales…sounds easy but how to accomplish this? We give you these easy tips to start working towards it.

Marketing Strategies help us increase sales levels, the number of customers and prospects, position our brand even though it may seem a difficult topic, it is easy to understand which issues to take care of and better yet, to have success. Sometimes we don’t take enough measures to constantly attack and maintain the proper functioning condition of the salon. One the principles of marketing is that your brand or business name should always be in the mind of your consumer, so when she requires a service she doesn’t look for another option and goes straight to you. First you need to upgrade your customer service, it is not just about saying “Hello” or “Goodbye”, for example, greet each customer with a special greeting, trying to make them feel special and say goodbye the same way, mentioning it was a pleasure to have her and you expect to see her again for her next appointment. SERVICES Speaking of your services redesign your menu, try to look not only for a more complete name but try to be specific with your benefits, remember that sometimes customers don’t identify the problem they have until they see the detailed information, for example a customer with thinning hair problems won’t realize that certain treatment is good for her if she doesn’t see the specifications. If on top of that you add some other service as a plus, it would look more attractive, for example: in a reconstructing treatment you can offer a haircut or during a month you can offer a different service, like during May you can include facial treatments.

Remember to make it look attractive and different even if it is something simple so they won’t feel like they can do it themselves or at home, that way by the end of the year you will have a bigger list of services resulting in more income for you. PRICES Move your range of services once a month, for example make habit to give special rates to certain service during a specific month. The most important thing is to announce this special offers to get the attention of new customers and that they can keep it in mind. If you decide to include new products this would be the perfect moment to promote the initial price. MARKETING CHANNELS Even though it may seem difficult to focus on social media, they are a very affordable way of making publicity with very good results, and it also gives you a way to catch people’s attention from other places which is a way to increase your list of customers and prospects. Look for events and try to participate in them because those are places where you can create relations with other professionals and you can find a way to make a sale. Keep track of all your work with photography’s of before and after, make tutorials or videos with tips, suggestions or other beauty topics that can be of interest to your clients.

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Holiday Trends 2015


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