Greeting clients in your beauty salon

The first interaction the client has in your salon is with the person at the front counter, and sometimes this person is the least trained member of your staff. Remember that the first impression is the most important and the images and sensations that are stored in your client’s mind are part of the overall experience of your salon.

Strive for excellence in your business

The dictionary defines the word “quality” as an inherent or distinguishing characteristic; a property. On the other hand, Wikipedia defines the quality with a pragmatic interpretation as the non-inferiority or superiority of something; it is also defined as fitness for purpose.

The marketing plan for your beauty salon


I have been part of the beauty business for a couple of years, i got the chance to work with the most important brands in the beauty market, which have lead me to visit many beauty salons around the globe . As the first big step to achieve success you should consider developing your own marketing plan.


Strategies for retailing in your beauty salon

The business of retail within a beauty salon is very attractive to many. Aside from making a little extra income, you will have the opportunity to show off a product’s performance while using it on your client, as well as offering it to them as maintenance tool to take home.

13 Hygiene tips for your beauty business


It is common sense that all people should try to keep a clean and healthy image. Those who work in the beauty industry or a health care facility should be concerned because, after all they are selling these concepts. If beauty professionals don’t show these qualities, then the customer will not trust them with their own image.

These are 13 tips to keeping a clean healthy image taken from several sources and articles: